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"Dancers are the athletes of God." -Albert Einstein.

If Aristotle helped shape the world with a thought, Shakespeare conquered generations with a book, Martin Luther King Jr. changed the course of history with a speech, and the Beatles became legends with a song, could a person create a difference with a dance? This is a challenge for the "athletes of God."

Dance is an art form, one of the highest, most empathic and truest forms of expression, for bodies cannot lie. Along with skills, practice and determination, dance entails its most important element: inspiration. The power of dance lies in the emotions and in its ability to move, to reach out and to inspire. This is the gift that Limited Edition would like to share with the world.

Having Filipino roots, LE founded DANCE FOR A CAUSE (beginning) in the Philippines. DFAC is a movement that aims to enrich the nature and value of dance in the Philippines as well as empower Filipinos through the gift of dance. Guided by the theme, "DANCE TO INSPIRE, NOT TO IMPRESS," DFAC seeks to promote the idea that dance, as the powerful art form it is, also has capacity to propel change. While Filipinos are naturally creative and talented, DFAC wishes to tap these potentials in order to help achieve progress on personal and social levels.

One of the group`s priorities is to teach, support and encourage Filipino dancers by conducting programs such as workshops that would enhance their skills and expand their knowledge especially on styles and techniques that are widely used abroad but are uncommon locally. DFAC would also like to help Filipino artists gain more recognition in the international scene. Moreover, DFAC intends to provide more accessible learning opportunities especially for the youth and the less fortunate, whose resources often consist only of the boob tube and YouTube. This is one of the steps the group is planning to take to help eliminate ignorance and intimidation that breed imitation. DFAC firmly takes a stand against the increasingly popular dance practice of copying or stealing (as opposed to learning) from others that brings no good and produces nothing but mere duplicates of others original work. Needless to say, such wrongful (sometimes desperate) acts usually spring from lack of knowledge and a ridiculous desire to impress.

In line with its goals, DFAC finds ways to promote individuality, creativity and productivity. While the influence of mainstream culture is strong, DFAC responds to areas where it may be flawed. For example, the group strongly expresses its view against the erroneous notion that a person`s size, age, color or status would impose limits on his or her dancing abilities. The group also recognizes the importance of gaining confidence, yet there is a great line between expressing oneself and showing off one`s skills. If there is anything that all great dancers have in common, it is not the perfect physique, the striking moves, the jaw-dropping stunts, not the style, technique or training; it is passion or enthusiasm. The key is to enjoy dancing and appreciate it or no one else will.

DFAC exposes real people and real stories and reveals how dancing has made a difference in people`s lives. Discover how the gift of dance can be an instrument of change and how you, too, can experience it.

If dancers are indeed God`s athletes, show the world a good game. DANCE FOR A CAUSE!

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With buying a DANCE TO INSPIRE NOT TO IMPRESS or a DOOKIE shirt you are supporting the cause and helping us to raise funds to make for free workshops for people who cant afford to take dance lessons.


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